In Which A Blog Is Announced

Hello and welcome!

My name is Rebekah, and I’ll be your friendly sci-fi reviewer. I’ve been reading very little but historical non-fiction for months now, so this is an excellent chance to return to my roots, genre-wise. I typically read a few incredibly serious dystopian realities followed by the most ridiculous AUs I can find, but I’ll read more or less anything that’s at hand, given the chance. If any of you have recommendations, please feel free to share!

I’m not very good at measuring with the five star system, as useful as it is.  It feels too imprecise, particularly when I’m ranking something that is fun and I adore, but is most likely not technically good. I will mostly be rating out of 10 until I figure out a more concrete system. The ratings are as follows:

  • 1/10 = Never again
  • 2/10 = I did not enjoy at all
  • 3/10 = I did not enjoy it very much
  • 4/10 = It was okay
  • 5/10 = I enjoyed it, but would probably not read again
  • 6/10 = I enjoyed it and would read again, but not enough to actively promote
  • 7/10 = I enjoyed it very much
  • 8/10 = I enjoyed it very much and would buy one copy
  • 9/10 = An instant favourite I would buy back-up copies
  • 10/10 = A favourite I will happily pester everyone I know into reading and, failing that, actively thrust copies at them until they give in

The review schedule, as far as I can manage, will be Monday-Wednesday- Friday. Knowing me there will likely be quite a few reviews for films and games as well, but I’ll mark them off so that they can be avoided, should that not be your thing.


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