The Clown Service by Guy Adams

Toby Greene, hapless agent of the British Intelligence Service, has been reassigned to work at the mysterious Section 37. 

Led by the inscrutable August Shining, Toby finds quickly himself dealing with issues ranging from the trouble of requisitioning a desk to dealing with UFO sightings, ghosts and various supernatural creatures.

However, all of that is tossed to the side when Toby and Shining discover that a supposedly long dead Soviet agent has surfaced once more,  armed with a crowd of zombie-esque minions. 

This book is enormously fun. A number of the characters come across as fairly one-note for the most part, but the premise is so ridiculous that it manages to make that up for itself. The book is very nicely paced, and the tone manages to find that spot between light and dark that allows a narrative to examine surprisingly creepy concepts while still coming across as breezy rather than terrifying.

It reminded me quite a bit of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, for better or for worse. If you enjoy silly stories about spies fighting off hoards of zombies while throwing off quips, I recommend you pick at least this first book for a winter beach read.

Rating: 6/10



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