Day Three: Firsts


Hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking, and I’m going to try to do the daily prompts off of the NaPo Facebook group as well as the official ones. It’ll be a good challenge, and honestly, any practise I can get is probably for the best. Plus, having at least three things due each day will trip up my mad procrastination skills which is always a plus. You can probably expect four poems today as I catch up.


(Prompt: Firsts)



The first films I saw in theatres

Were about the power of narrative,

Children running from bullies or neglect or incarceration

To end up in books.

To be fair, I was born on the tail-end of fantasy land,

As dark and terrifying and gorgeous as it was;

Seeped in the worst nightmares that might be permitted

Without scarring children irreparably.

The frame I carry with me

From story to story,

Is a shot of a wall of glass,

Golden-hued and warm,

That sheltered shelves upon shelves

Of heads,

So that at any time

The woman who had stolen them away

Might change into someone entirely new.



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